Monday, October 24, 2011

Beginning of Human Life Journey

Ten years of life with no regrets Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson has spent on it to remove the film evolution of the embryo from conception to birth.

bebe01 Beginning of Life

 Sperm in the folds of the mucous membrane of the fallopian tubes moves

  towards the egg.


bebe02 Beginning of Life

 Egg ..


bebe03 Beginning of Life

 Will the meeting take place?


bebe04 Beginning of Life

 The walls of the fallopian tube ..


bebe05 Beginning of Life

 Two sperm contact with the shell egg. Enzymes in the sperm head, dissolve

 the shell of an egg, but only one sperms genetic material is involved in



bebe06 Beginning of Life

 One of the 200 million paternal sperm had penetrated the shell of an egg,

 literally poured into it


bebe07 Beginning of Life

 Longitudinal section of sperm.

 The genetic material contained in the sperm head


bebe08 Beginning of Life

 A week later, the embryo, sliding down the fallopian tube, uterus moves into


bebe09 Beginning of Life

 The embryo, attached to the lining of the uterus (8 days)


bebe10 Beginning of Life

 Embryo development. Grayed __ the future brain. (22 days)

bebe11 Beginning of Life

 24 days. Skeleton in the embryo month yet __ there is only the heart, i

 t begins to pulsate on the 18th day of

bebe12 Beginning of Life

 28th day after fertilization ..

bebe13 Beginning of Life

 4 and a half weeks

bebe14 Beginning of Life

 Five-week embryo, the length of 9 mm, already guessed face with holes for

 the mouth, nostrils and eyes.

bebe15 Beginning of Life

 40 days. Outdoor embryonic cells fused with a loose surface of the uterus

 and form a placenta, or afterbirth. This is a spongy piece of flesh is the

 man in the first nine months of his life and light, and stomach, and liver,

 and kidney

bebe16 Beginning of Life

 Eight weeks. Rapidly growing fetus is well protected in the womb.

 Using an electron microscope Nilsson was able to increase the image of

 hundreds of thousands of times.


bebe17 Beginning of Life

 10 weeks. Eyelids are already half open. Within days,

 they will form completely.

bebe18 Beginning of Life

 16 weeks. Inquisitive toddler is already using their hands to explore the

 surrounding area.

bebe19 Beginning of Life

 The skeleton is mainly composed of a flexible shaft and a network of blood

 vessels visible through the thin skin.


 18 weeks. About 14 cm embryo can now perceive the sounds of the

 outside world.

bebe21 Beginning of Life

 19 weeks ..


bebe22 Beginning of Life

 20 weeks. About 20 cm on the head hair are starting to appear.

bebe23 Beginning of Life

 24 weeks ..

bebe24 Beginning of Life

 26 weeks

bebe25 Beginning of Life

 6 months. There are still eight to ten weeks of carefree, but the little man is

 already close to the uterus, and he prepares to leave her. He turns upside

  down __ which is easier to get ..

bebe26 Beginning of Life

 36 weeks.

After 4 weeks, the child sees the white light
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