Friday, November 11, 2011

New 7 Wonders of Nature

The world has voted: Here are the provisional new seven wonders of nature, as determined by results of the multiyear global campaign sponsored by Swiss-based New Open World Corp. (Final ballots are still being counted.) These were winnowed from a field of 28 contenders: Read more about how the contest was conducted on the Travel Blog.

Text by Bing Travel editors; photo editing by Connie Ricca.

The Amazon rainforest spans the borders of nine South American countries, with the largest portion in
Brazil. The Amazon River, the main artery of the rainforest, has more than 1,000 known tributaries, and 17 of those are at least 1,000 miles long. The rainforest has the highest biodiversity on Earth, sustaining life for thousands of plants, bird, fish, mammal and insect species.

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