Friday, June 7, 2013

Just for Fun
Next time you have extra time -- try stacking your coins
Cool Mailboxes
I hope that backpack is a parachute
"Ahhh, it's so warm and cuddly on here"
Sorry bro, but thanks for being my chair
He wanted to be alone
Bye Bye, Freeway! Mother Nature had another idea...
Help!  Call 911
It's good to have a friend when you need one!
I guess cats can read after all
This is not as comfy as I thought it would be
Static cat!
The water is so clear the boat seems to be floating on air
I'm sorry... I didn't know you were coming back
You may not be happy with dinner -- but you are going to eat it anyway!

 May your troubles be less,

May your blessings be more,

And may nothing but happiness come through your door.
Email from Woo Young Kim

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