Thursday, September 26, 2013

Piano and Violin Building and Other Beautiful Photos

Piano and Violin Building, China
Firework, Long-Time Exposure Shot
Lavender field, Southern France
The gap between Europe and the United States is widening - by one inch a year. This photograph shows the gap between the two tectonic plates.
The area - near Iceland - is riddled with faults, volcanoes and hot springs, caused by the mid-Atlantic ridge pulling apart.
Big Island , Hawaii
Snowy night, Moscow, Russia .
An onlooker of the solar eclipse on May 20, 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico
'Natural Architecture' in Italy
To Sua - Upolu , Western Samoa
The Fly Geyser - Wonder of Nature, Nevada
The Fish House, Singapore
The World's biggest cave found in Vietnam
Gardening Apartments, Thailand
Vermillion Cliffs cross-bedded sandstone, Arizona
Christmas Lights, Selangor, Malaysia .
Niagara Waterfall (Don't push on the railing!)
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