Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"A White Little Ball on Green Grass"


"A White Little Ball on Green Grass"


Such a lonely, helpless and innocent looking white little ball.

You have to love it at first sight.

I fell in love with it many moons ago.

I think of it all the time and even dream of it.

I loved it and hated it.

I cannot live without it.


It has enough dimples to count days in a year.

It has enough stretching power of David's string.

It can fly better than any Babe Ruth's home run balls.

It can roll better than any ground balls.

It can soft land from any where.

It can even make gentle sweet dangling sound when it drops in the cup.

It has all the quality of a monster.


How can you love such a monster?

Well, you simply got to play with it. 

On a beautiful sunny Spring day 

When you walk down the green grass meadow with your dear friends

Make sure bring along that white little ball and play with it.

You will know what I mean.

Monster or angel

You are hooked.

It is all about life.


By Yung Duck Kim

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