Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mother's Words

Mother's Words

Her words, the day she had left
After burning in flames, body powder,
Sprinkle on the Pacific Ocean, was to ask
Children sent her with her favorite red roses as well

Across the ocean along a wave to find our father
Come back depending on the wind to find the children
Revolving in the sky along the season
She will always be close to her children

Grandchildren grow up and get off to a drizzle in the courtyard
A cold windy day, as breaking sunshine
Gloomy dark night, as the moonlight shine
Not even for a moment had the hands rest

On top of the chopping board, the blade dancing
Vegetable and fruit, flesh and bones feeding us
Helping others all around to the last
Mother's face is a smile of spring water

The forest in the mountain and an island in the sea
An equable breath of spring summer fall winter
Follow along with the words of loving each other.
We don't cry in front of the mother's photo

By Poet Yong Wan Choi

Email from Do Hyun Chung

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