Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 Steps You Can Take to Fight Spam Emails

Besides giving up on email altogether, what can you do to fight the nonstop tide of spam? Nothing is foolproof, but here are a few tips:

Don’t click on ANY links in ANY unfamiliar emails. Malware is most often delivered through infected attachments like PDFs or MP3 files… [Click here to read more]

• Don’t expose your email address — and always check the sender’s address. Is your email address featured prominently at the top of your social media profiles? Spammers love an easy target like that… [Click here to read more]

Don’t reply and don’t unsubscribe. We all wish spammers could feel our rage. But when you respond to a spam email, you tell the dark underbelly of the cyberworld that your account is active… [Click here to read more]

Flag, flag, flag. If you get a suspicious-looking email from an unfamiliar address, flag it within your mail program, move it to your junk folder, or report it to your email provider… [Click here to read more]

• Employ a robust anti-spam service to protect your inbox. CMIT Solutions’ anti-spam software works 24/7 to refine the filters that catch bad messages before they overwhelm the good… [Click here to read more]

Email from Lawrence Schweitzer 

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