Saturday, March 28, 2015

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Like its Word and Excel partners in the Microsoft Office productivity suite, PowerPoint is ubiquitous. As of 2012, Bloomberg Business estimated that the slide presentation software claims 95% of market share, with installations on more than 1 billion computers and an estimated worldwide usage rate of 350 times per second.

Despite PowerPoint’s prevalence, we’ve all been there: a presenter droning on in front of a sloppily made slideshow with mismatched fonts, misplaced content, and misaligned graphics. The audience suffers, but so does the speaker — which is why we’ve compiled the following 10 tips and tricks to add a little spice to your next presentation. Bad PowerPoints happen to good people, so following a few of these pointers can hopefully flip that script.

Hopefully these tips will help you liven up your next PowerPoint presentation and avoid the dread that comes with boring slideshows.

Email from Lawrence Schweitzer

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