Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Humble Pope, Challenging the World

Pope Francis aboard his popemobile in July in Asunción, Paraguay. Credit Natacha Pisarenko/Associated Press        

A Humble Pope, Challenging the World

Francis, the first Latin American pope, has drawn from his life in Argentina to try to create a humbler papacy, albeit one with lofty ambitions. His push for change has stirred hope and anxiety.

VATICAN CITY — Days after the election of Pope Francis, word reached the Vatican press office that the new pontiff was unexpectedly celebrating morning Mass. Other popes had presided over morning services, too, but as the world (and the Vatican press office) would soon realize, Francis did things his own way.

This Mass was offered in the small chapel of the Vatican guesthouse where Francis had chosen to live — not, as in years past, at the ornate Apostolic Palace. His audience was not the cardinals of the Roman Curia, but gardeners, janitors and Vatican office workers. And Francis was not merely presiding, as had Pope John Paul II. He was preaching, without notes, as if he were a simple parish priest.

If one with a big message.

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