Saturday, April 2, 2016

Donald Trump, in an interview with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

By Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, 04/02/16, The Washington Post

In a revealing interview, Trump predicts a ‘massive recession’ but intends to eliminate the national debt in 8 years
I bring rage out. I do bring rage out. I always have. I think it was . . . . I don’t know if that’s an asset or a liability, but whatever it is, I do. I also bring great unity out, ultimately.
Donald Trump said in an interview that economic conditions are so perilous that the country is headed for a “very massive recession” and that “it’s a terrible time right now” to invest in the stock market, embracing a distinctly gloomy view of the economy that counters mainstream economic forecasts.

The New York billionaire dismissed concern that his comments — which are exceedingly unusual, if not unprecedented, for a major party front-runner — could potentially affect financial markets.
“I know the Wall Street people probably better than anybody knows them,” said Trump, who has misfired on such predictions in the past. “I don’t need them.”

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From The Washington Post

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