Sunday, July 10, 2016

Everything I Learned From Prof. Donald Trump

THIS is a story about how Donald Trump broke my brain.

Written by , The New York Times, 07/08/16

On a warm April night in Harrisburg, Pa., I was reporting on a Trump rally, just a few days before the primary there. Outside the expo center where the rally took place, a mass of young, almost exclusively white Trump supporters and young, predominantly nonwhite protesters stood across a driveway from one another, separated by a line of police officers. Chants of “Feel the Bern!” “Build that wall!” “Black lives matter!” “Baby killers!” “Go to college!” “Bernie sucks!” were lobbed across the police barricade.

I was supposed to be there, reporting on what was happening, but still couldn’t shake the feeling that I was bearing witness to something I wasn’t meant to see. Something I knew had been happening for a long time, but really did not want to experience up close.

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