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Tactical Nuclear Weapons to South Korea, if not the THAAD Deployment

Tactical Nuclear Weapons to South Korea, if not the THAAD deployment
[There can be three kinds of solutions against the nuclear weapons of North Korea: 1) Nuclear weapons development by S. Korea, 2) Redeployment of the tactical nuclear weapons by the U.S. Forces in S. Korea, or, 3) the THAAD deployment in S. Korea by the U.S.]  
Written by Choi, Seongjae in Seoul, Korea
If anyone has a better solution at this point than the THAAD deployment by the U.S. against the missile attacks from N. Korea to protect our people, please let me know. (President Park Geun-hye on July 21, 2016)
Animals or humans, it does not matter. The basic truth and solution to an unavoidable aggression is this: Fight, or Flight! If the enemy looks weak and beatable, then you have to fight! If the enemy looks strong and unbeatable, then you just run away! Through many tests how to counter the opponent in games, it has been proven that eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth or tit for tat is the best strategy. If someone turns a blind eye to his opponent due to his weakness and pitifulness and so he does not attack and beat him, the opponent usually is not grateful but comes back with the same bad or worse behavior against you. If you let him be again, then the weak becomes the master and the strong may become the slave to the weak. Even two or three year old babies know this truth by instinct. They can make their parents or grandparents to be helpless this way. The babies or the ill-behaved have to be disciplined and punished for their bad behavior. This is called punishment strategy. When they get punished for a couple of times, they will learn to change for the better. They will be obliged to follow rules. Then both the babies and the grown-ups will build up trust and benefit in the end. 
Robert Aumann and Thomas Schelling won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2005 with their theory of game strategy developed along this line. 
In his acceptance speech, Prof. Aumann emphasized that the game theory is the same with war and peace. He said that the only way to secure peace is never an appeasement policy but to let the opponent know he will pay the price very badly, bloodied nose and broken limbs, if he behaves badly. We have to show the aggressors they will be crushed. Arms race against arms race. Threats of war against threats of war from the enemy. Be prepared for mutually assured destruction. Thats the only way to maintain peace and avoid war. Throughout history everywhere and all the time, there was always a war when the power equilibrium was no longer maintained. 
President Roh Tae-woo (ROK President from 1988 through 1993, not Roh Moo-hyun from 2003 through 2008) with his Nordpolitik was able to draw Russia and China closer to S. Korea than N. Korea. Peaceful democratic unification of the Korean Peninsula at hand? No. President Roh Tae-woo went the other way. He declared the Non-Nuclear Korean Peninsula Peace Initiatives with N. Korea on Dec. 31, 1991, a free gift to the N. Korea communist dynasty dictator Kim IL-sung and the red traitors in S. Korea. He dismantled unilaterally the tactical nuclear weapons program of S. Korea, which was under the NCND (neither confirm nor deny), policy till then. N. Korea did not wait for long. They pretended to allow nuclear inspections briefly, but declared that N. Korea was withdrawing from NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) on March 12, 1993, as if to honor the retiring President Roh Tae-woo and welcoming the new President Kim Young-Sam. Since then, both S. Korea and the U.S. had no clear NK policy. They were at the mercy of the slave owner of the 20 million people, Kim Jong-IL. South Korea President Kim Dae-jung under the guise of Sunshine Policy secretly bribed Kim Jong-IL $450 million in cash and $50 million in presents, for a total of half a billion dollars for the meeting with Kim Jong-IL in Pyongyang in June 2000. Kim Dae-jung continued to bribe Kim Jong-IL with cash directly to Room 39 (the office where the security forces managed funds directly for Kim Jong-IL) through the Kumkang Mountain sightseeing project. President Roh Moo-hyun succeeding Kim Dae-jung paid cash to Kim Jong-IL for the Kaesung Industrial Zone in N. Korea, allegedly for the labor and for the land lease. 
Kim Jong-IL built his Korean-style pyramid (mausoleum) for his father while starving 3 million people to death in the mid 1990s. Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun provided bribe funds for a grand total of $7 billion to Kim Jong-IL. The annual budget of the N. Korea at the time was not more than $100 million, based on the market exchange rate. It was proven that only less than 5% of this bribe funds were given to the people and the workers at the Kaesung Industrial complex. Kim Jong-IL had plenty of money to develop his nuclear heads and his missiles. Proof? Kim Jong-IL tested his nuclear weapons on Oct. 9, 2006, when Roh Moo-hyun was the president in S. Korea. 
Propaganda units of N. Korea worked always so well hand in hand with the Sunshine gang of S. Korea. First, they denied everything together. They then thundered it was all for peaceful purpose. After that, they claimed the weapons were not aimed at S. Korea but the Yankee Imperialist. To defend Korea from the Yankee aggressors. They were smiling devils smile behind the doors and applauded quietly. They cooked up the Yankee atrocities and cried louder and louder. They even brought the baby carriers with little babies in them to political demonstrations and riots, downtown Seoul. Life, not Death! There was no end to their cries.
In 1974, Leonid Brezhnev was pushing forward the grand SALT (Strategic Arms Limitations Talk) Agreement with the U.S., while building mountains of SS-20 INF(Intermediate range Nuclear Forces), that they could use as the salt of death on the entire Europe. Their INF missiles had target range of 1,100 miles, which could cover the entire Europe with their nuclear spider webs. This deployment meant they would not bother the U.S., but the U.S. should let go of the European countries. The answer to this threat was simple. The U.S. should deploy INF in Europe. End of the story. However, the so-called intellectuals in Europe who manipulated the mass media and occupied the streets shouted the only way to peace was to appease the Soviet Union trusting their goodwill and following the principle of detente. Chamberlain again, this time in West Germany and throughout the Western Europe. The Soviet Union continued to pile up the SS-20s. The German Chancellor Schmidt met with Brezhnev four times and cautiously warned the Soviet Union. Schmidts Foreign Minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher was more direct and understood the game. In 1982, Genscher was again appointed as the Foreign Minister by the rightist Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Genscher, who served as the Foreign Minister for eighteen years (through 1992), never lost his nerve against the mass demonstrators for peace at all costs. With calm and smile, he was able to persuade the parliament to bring Pershing 2 missiles from the U.S. In November 1983, the German parliament, Bundestag, passed resolution to accept deployment of INF. The West Germany and the western Europe were finally out of nuclear threats, after nine years of crisis, but many did not know what it meant at the time. 
(German Chancellor Kohl and Foreign Minister Genscher, on September 10, 1990, negotiated with more malleable Gorbachev with big stacks of German Marks, and agreed to get the 370,000 Soviet Union soldiers out of East Germany. In fact, on October 3, 1990, they were 99% successful in unifying the Germany. On October 3, 1990, we saw ein Volk(one nation) sing Ode to joy.

(In 1994, all Soviet Union troops in East Germany withdrew.) 
From March 1993 on, there were nothing but mistakes and errors on the part of S. Korea to deal with N. Korea. The Sunshine gang in S. Korea owned and monopolized the mass media. Meanwhile, China became No. 2 power in the world, economically and militarily, and diplomatically strong enough. S. Korea would not dare think about nuclear weapons development on its own. They did not have the nerve to ask for redeployment of the strategic nuclear weapons to the U.S. It took 23 years for S. Korea to decide on the third option of THAAD deployment from the U.S. Now, the local village people (Seongju County in Gyeongsang Bukdo) egged on by the Sunshine gang and the red media are demonstrating against the THAAD deployment. They would not listen to the proven tests that the electromagnetic radiation is less than 0.007% of the limit, that the radiation from the missiles would be less than that from the cellular phones or the subway tracks. They held the Prime Minister for more than 6 hours, who came to the village to explain about the missiles. The Sunshine gang who were responsible for the nuclear weapons in N. Korea, instead of open confession of treason, are on the people to demonstrate on behalf of N. Korea and China. Their stupidity will lead S. Korea to war eventually. Fortunately, the main stream media seem to be on the side of the Park Geun-hye government this time.   
The THAAD missiles to be deployed with the low altitude defense missiles already in place are the minimum defense system against the N. Korean nuclear weapons. China right across the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea already set up their nuclear and missiles and radar system which cover S. Korea, Japan and the Pacific Ocean beyond. THAAD will not be enough, if we dont get the tactical nuclear weapons back from the U.S.

The danger is ever more imminent and great. Japan may arm herself with nuclear weapons sooner than later. 
(2016. 7. 22.)

Translated into English by Sin-U Nam and Choi Seongjae

Email from Sin-U Nam through Hak Joo Choi

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