Thursday, July 7, 2016

US Peace Corp in Korea and Painter

An Apprentice Temple Painter

Bowon Temple in Seoul
Bongwon Temple in Seoul
Brian Barry first came to Korea in 1967 with the Peace Corps, which sent him out to a village as a health worker. He loved the people and enjoyed the experience. After his first assignment, he returned to Korea to train new Peace Corps volunteers, and he stayed on, working part-time and learning about the culture. He got involved with Buddhism and studied at a Buddhist night college. He also did folk dancing and arts and crafts and took part in a traditional farmers’ band. Then he became an apprentice temple painter under the Ven. Manbong, also called “The Golden Fish.”  I got to know Brian through Lotus Lantern, the Buddhist center he co-founded,

Email from Richard MacIntyre through Kyung Hwa Lee

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