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Why Online Degrees are More Popular Than Ever

Why Online Degrees are More Popular Than Ever

Andrew / 2018-05-17
With college degrees becoming increasingly necessary in the workforce and the costs of brick and mortar schools rapidly rising, online degrees are becoming more and more of a viable and well-respected option. Learn why.
There once was a time where online universities were not a very realistic replacement for higher education degrees, but that time is not now. For multiple reasons, these online programs should be seriously considered by anyone who might not think collegiate programs were made for them, their schedules, or their wallet.

There are plenty of reasons why online degrees are becoming more accepted by the day, but looking at sheer numbers alone, we can see the rise in the programs. About 7.1 million students took at least one online course during the fall of 2012, the Babson Survey Research Group reports. And although each and every student is different in their educational needs, online programs have a lot of benefits to offer.
They Are Flexible
Online programs were built for students who could not attend traditional brick and mortar campuses. These programs can allow students to enroll and attend regardless of geography, physical ability, or schedule. Additionally, they let you schedule study time around work life, family life, or your most productive times of day. The ability to choose when you study and take your courses can result in increased success in your educational endeavors.
They Save Time
By withdrawing the need for commuting to and from classes, along with forgetting about time wasted on campus in between classes, online courses can let you determine your schedule and save hours each week. Additionally, many online programs allow you to choose a more targeted degree that cuts out an extraneous courses that are not necessary to complete the degree. So instead of taking courses that are not required for your direct field, online programs will let you focus in your particular area.
They Save Money
Although not always the case, online universities typically cost less in tuition than the brick and mortar counterparts according to Inside Higher Ed. And even if the program tuition is not significantly lower than the traditional option, you will likely save hundreds, if not thousands, each year on commutes, room and board, textbooks, and so much more.
Of course, with everything good, there can be some cons. So consider these as well when considering which programs are suited for you. First off, some subjects don’t translate well in a virtual environment. Some fields, like physical therapy or theater, are not most conducive in an online, remote environment. Secondly, online education heavily relies on the student’s ability to stay interested and motivated. Structure is loose, so successful online students are the one who can stick to a schedule, monitor requirements, and participate accordingly.
Interested in earning your online degree? Start a search today.
From the Nation, 06/09/18

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